"Hey Dad, Can I start the Hemi?" 

This website is dedicated to the RAMCHARGERS racing legacy. RAMCHARGERS represents one of the first ventures of the automotive industry into organized racing. The racing legacy developed by this team was legendary. This website is intended to perpetuate that legacy, provide an avenue to allow race enthusiasts everywhere the opportunity to learn about this rich racing history, a forum through which to exchange information, and a registration point for cars that are legally authorized to use the RAMCHARGERS name. RAMCHARGERS is a registered trademark owned by the host of this website.

While there were many cars that carried the name RAMCHARGERS over the years, only one car is known to have survived. It is the 1970 Hemi-Cuda raced by Dean Nicopolis. It carries the Vehicle Identification Number: BS23ROB159450. While several purported “team cars” are claimed to exist, this is the only car that has been authenticated as of December 2006, and has been authorized to use the Trademark Name: RAMCHARGERS.

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